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The Tardy Vegan by Donna Plunkett

Paella Primavera

Before becoming a Vegan, I loved cooking and eating Spanish Paella. Even though it involves a lot of chopping, the idea of making the whole meal in one pan always appealed to me. I loved that you could use whatever fresh vegetables were available and you could mix seafood, chicken, and sausage in your Paella. It was so colorful and flavorful. Traveling abroad can sometimes be difficult when you...
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Butternut Squash – Apple Soup

Growing up the only soup I ever had was out of a can, “Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup”. I remember my Mom making it for me when I was sick, but we never had it for a regular meal. As a newlywed, I did not know how to cook and my go to meal was a can of “Campbell’s Tomato Soup” and grilled cheese sandwiches. To this day, my husband refuses to eat tomato soup or grilled cheese sandwiches! Soup ha...
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Vegan, GF Black Bean Brownies

Vegan Gluten Free Black Bean Brownies When people learn I’m a vegan, they either have a look of horror on their face or they are interested and start asking me about why I became a vegan and what kind of foods I eat. I think it is important to give you a brief background about me so you can understand why I eventually ended up this late in life choosing a vegan diet. Most people probably choose...
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