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Always Open by Sarah Terese

Adobe Oven Pizza Dough

A Page from From an Adobe Oven…to a Microwave Range – Pizza Dough (Pueblo Service League / multiple authors; copyright 1972) When I was growing up - the oldest of five children – one of the best routine treats in our house was Friday night Pizza Night. We would all load into the beige 1987 Chevy Suburban in the driveway, head to the nearest video rental store, spend 30 minutes perusing the s...
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Colorado Cache: Chili Verde

Colorado Cache Chili Verde
Always Open by Sarah Terese : A Page from Colorado Cache Cookbook – Recipe for Chili Verde (Green Chile) (Junior League of Denver / multiple authors; copyright 1978) I was recently in an intense discussion with a friend, arguing over what food is distinctively Colorado.   Recipes, restaurants – and possibly some minor insults – were flung back and forth, until we landed on a mutually del...
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Rocky Mountain Oysters

A Page from A Taste of the West from Coors – Rocky Mountain Oysters (multiple authors; copyright 1981) Ok, ok – I get it -- 1981 isn’t a very “vintage” year for the first cookbook out of the gate for this column. But it’s National Western Stock Show time here in Denver, and the venerable all-things-Western event that sets down in town every January got me thinking about two of the most iconic ...
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Vintage Colorado Cookbooks

Always Open by Sarah Terese : I grew up in the flat part of Colorado – the northeastern corner of a state that is mostly known throughout the world for its mountains. Our family farm sits in Yuma County, known for being one of the main hubs of agriculture (dryland wheat, corn, sugar beets in farming; cattle, horses, hogs and sheep in ranching) in the western U.S. We worked and played hard out the...
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