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Pizzeria Lui

Pizzeria Lui Gabby Gourmet
  Pizzeria Lui   Not in a popular neighborhood location for dining, Pizzeria Lui proves that if you are good enough, the crowds will come. And come they do to this small one room freestanding spot. Big windows, a walk-up counter for ordering, and community seating for the lucky ones who nab a seat. Otherwise wait a bit for your turn-and everyone does, as it is so worth the short ...
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Centro Mexican Kitchen

Gabby Gourmet Centro Mexican Kitchen
Centro Mexican Kitchen Centro Mexican Kitchen sits on the corner at 9th and Pearl and, with its new chef and menu, is the place to be. Inside find a great bar, booths, and tables in the one room and an enclosed patio complete with bar, heat, tables, and in both spots a large crowd. The décor is wood, tiles, brick, and casual Latin décor to set the scene. Chef Johnny Curiel comes from a Latino ...
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Call Denver Gabby Gourmet
  Call Call is part of what will be Beckon-Call, a new hit in RiNo. The Black house, Beckon will open later and be dinner only, but the charming white house next to it is Call, serving Tuesday-Saturday breakfast and lunch. Bright, with a charming patio to enter (or enjoy outdoor dining) into the one room space. Bright and fun, the focal point is the display of delicious, tempting baked g...
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Bamboo Sushi

Bamboo Sushi Gabby Gourmet
Bamboo Sushi Bamboo Sushi opens in LoHi and is a very special spot. Off the main street (17th) turn into an alleyway and find this beautiful restaurant. Enter to a huge bar with some small intimate tables in the area. Stay at the bar for a drink, or enjoy dining. Move into the restaurant and take a seat at the sushi bar, or settle in one of the tables in the room. The lighting is gorgeous with...
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Bar Helix

Bar Helix Denver
Bar Helix Bar Helix opens in RiNo and brings a special experience to all. The space is awesome, contemporary, and stunning in design. The front section is a terrific looking bar that spans the room with a back wall of stunning stainless tile, bottles of liquor and wine, and great lighting. Past the open kitchen, find a sexy lounge with low couches, great looking black and glass tables and even a ...
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Blue Pan

Blue Pan Pizza Denver
Blue Pan Blue Pan Pizza opens in Congress Park bringing a haven for pizza lovers of every ilk. It’s small, one room with a huge focal bar perfect for dining, and seating throughout the space. The “blue pan” name comes from the blue skillet used to bake the pizza. The décor is simple, but warm and inviting, as families, millennials, and seniors gather together. Blue Pan describes itself as Detroit...
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The Family Jones Spirit House

The Family Jones Spirit House
The Family Jones Spirit House The latest endeavor of Justin Cucci (Edible Beats) and Paul Tamberello (Little Man Ice Cream) is beyond awesome. The space rises 2 stories but is open to the top. The exterior is exciting, and the interior is so stunning that one just must take time to take in the scene. A huge copper distillery barrel is center on the second level band the focal from any place in th...
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Jennifer Jasinski and Beth Gruitch (Rioja, Bistro Vendome, Stoic & Genuine, and Euclid Hall) do it again with number 5!!! Ultreia is warm, welcoming, and extraordinary. Denver’s Union Station is wildly popular with its ambience and great selection of restaurants in this historic building, bringing raves nationwide. Ultreia, the latest addition brings a unique concept that wows the crowd. Ente...
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