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Moving Your Way to Health with Jenny Bertrand

Hand and Wrist Exercises

Have you Exercised Your Hands and Wrists Today? I’ve written it before in this column, and I’ll write it again. For a healthy, balanced body, all approximately 650 muscles of the body must be balanced—both flexible and strong. ALL muscles, from fingers to toes and in between. Hand and wrist muscles…do you ever think about them? I never did. Although I’ve exercised all my life, most of my attent...
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Get Ready for Spring Golf

Get Ready for Spring Golf with Strength and Flexibility Spring is coming! For some, this can mean time for spring outdoor activities. If you’re a golfer, now is the time to prepare. Ready for a workout that will help improve your golf swing, prevent golf-related injuries, and make you look and feel great too? Essentrics is an exercise program that simultaneously strengthens and stretches ...
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Posture for Your Health

moving your way to health posture
Moving Your Way to Health with Jenny Bertrand : Have you checked in with your posture today? As you read this blog, do you notice it? Do you feel any stiffness or tightening in your upper back/shoulders or neck? Is your lower back feeling tight or cramped? Do you have any idea what your body is feeling? Does it even really matter? I think posture does matter and based on research I’ve done a...
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Let’s do Something New!

Let’s do Something New
Moving Your Way to Health by Jenny Bertrand : Wow! My first official blog post. What perfect timing to coincide with the beginning of a new year when Gabby is unveiling her new web site. Each time I’m faced with something I haven’t done before, I’m anxious and hesitant. I have to talk myself into it. So, as I’m writing this, I’m also talking myself into it. After all, I teach fitness classes, sp...
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