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Man Made Meals with Mike Wheaton

Mile High Banana Bread

Baking with a Bad Altitude by Mike Wheaton :  Everyone and their mother has a recipe for banana bread and many often claim that theirs is the best. I’ve had some great ones over the years and a few that didn’t live up to expectations. This recipe aims to please and best of all, it is developed to be baked at a mile high in the sky. I’ve been making banana bread for as long as I can remember, and...
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Beef Jerky

Man Made Meals with Mike Wheaton : Beef jerky has certainly gained in popularity over the years. Gas stations, grocery stores and even vending machines sell several different brands of beef jerky.  It is ubiquitous, yummy, convenient and certainly a snack many men enjoy. The biggest issue with purchasing pre-packaged jerky is all the preservatives and extra additives they contain. Additives such...
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Super Simple Scones

Baking with a Bad Altitude by Mike Wheaton : Scones are simply delicious and so simple to make. Cut out the hassle of cutting butter by hand and use a food processor to speed up the process. The following is my story on how I figured out how to make a batch in less than a half an hour: One day while picking up my kids from school. I overheard several mothers discussing plans to host a baby sho...
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