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Bubbles for Summer Sipping

Summer Bubbles for a Warm Weather Respite by Rich Mauro Americans are bubbling over with demand for sparkling wine. According to industry data, Americans are sipping more of the frothy drink than ever before, and not just during the holidays or special occasions. Consumers are realizing that there is a sparkling wine appropriate for any occasion any time of year. And the surge is led by Pro...
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Tex-Mex Tabbouleh

Tex-Mex Tabbouleh By Donna Plunkett In my prior life when I was not a Vegan, I loved scouring Bon Appétit for recipes and saved years of the magazine, as they were treasures for future dinner parties and ideas for trying new foods and cooking techniques and gadgets. There was a column, R.S.V.P., each month where readers would share recipes or asked the editor to ask a chef from their favorite ...
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Paella Primavera

Before becoming a Vegan, I loved cooking and eating Spanish Paella. Even though it involves a lot of chopping, the idea of making the whole meal in one pan always appealed to me. I loved that you could use whatever fresh vegetables were available and you could mix seafood, chicken, and sausage in your Paella. It was so colorful and flavorful. Traveling abroad can sometimes be difficult when you...
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California Chardonnays

California Chardonnay: Different Styles Offer Enjoyment for All As warmer weather emerges, many of us begin to pay more attention to white wines, rosés, and lighter red wines. Among the whites, Chardonnay is the undisputed favorite of American consumers. Luckily, this may be the best time to drink California Chardonnay in decades. A focus on cooler climate vineyards where chardonnay thrives ...
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Chef Radek Cerny

Meet the Chef: Chef Radek Cerny Meet chef Radek Cerny of Atelier by Radex located at 2011 East 17th Street as told in part by a series of videos: Atelier by Radex 2011 E. 17th Avenue Denver, 80206 720-379-5556 Radek Cerny returns to Denver and brings his incredible food to us again. On 17th and Race, the spot is small and charming. One room, white and light, cop...
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Shredded Beef and Coleslaw

My story probably begins similar to many others, I grew up in a small town in Iowa where the only seasonings used on food were salt, pepper & Lawry’s Seasoning Salt.  Every meal consisted of meat, potatoes, a vegetable & bread.  Oh, and don’t forget the Schwan’s ice cream for dessert!  So, cooking meals wasn’t a “thing”, it was just something you did.  Needless to say, I was never inspired...
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Rocky Mountain Oysters

A Page from A Taste of the West from Coors – Rocky Mountain Oysters (multiple authors; copyright 1981) Ok, ok – I get it -- 1981 isn’t a very “vintage” year for the first cookbook out of the gate for this column. But it’s National Western Stock Show time here in Denver, and the venerable all-things-Western event that sets down in town every January got me thinking about two of the most iconic ...
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Caprese Pasta

Farm Wine Dine by Lonnie Metzler : Have you ever wanted to fix a caprese salad during the winter months but didn’t because you knew it wasn’t going to be any good? Without the bright juicy vine ripened tomatoes of summer, the whole idea just seem bland. Tomatoes in the winter can be downright tasteless! Well, what if I told you you’re wrong? The secret to brining out the flavor of tomatoes i...
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Celebrate All Year With California Zinfandel

Zinfandel Hertitage Vinyardds
Fermenting Options with Rich Mauro : All my life, I seem to have had a soft spot for the underdog, the kid who was struggling in class, the person no one was talking to at the party, people struggling at the bottom rungs of society. That orientation has its corollary with red wines, as California Zinfandel has long been my favorite red wine, while most consumers have flocked to Cabernet Sauvignon...
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Mile High Banana Bread

Baking with a Bad Altitude by Mike Wheaton :  Everyone and their mother has a recipe for banana bread and many often claim that theirs is the best. I’ve had some great ones over the years and a few that didn’t live up to expectations. This recipe aims to please and best of all, it is developed to be baked at a mile high in the sky. I’ve been making banana bread for as long as I can remember, and...
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