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New Restaurants: July 2018

This month’s new restaurants:


Bon Ami has only been open a ay but is a sure hit. The former Telegraph is the same configuration but has been made more comfortable. The bar area remains the entrance and the kitchen is enlarged with fewer seats at the chefs table and more seating in that area. The patio is one great looking place. The owners are the same as La Merise and they bring the favorites from there and focus now on crepes-that are divine. The list is very long and exciting and no way to make a mistake in ordering. There are appetizers of great onion soup, musses, escargot, lox and more. The house salad and beet salad are both winners as well. Under entrees there are fish, chicken several ways, fish, even fish and chips, and vegetarian, but those crepes are where to go. Except if you go for a very special crab and avocado salad, tuna nicoise, and more. Decadent desserts end the fun and the wine and cocktail list are great. Bon Ami is a great addition to the neighbor hood and a place to be often, a true neighborhood treat.

2005 e. 17th AVE

Fun Lunch at Chada Thai-not much atmosphere but our lunch was very good-heading back for dinner so will share more!! Including sticky mango rice. This spot is not big on décor-enter into a barish type room where carryout is picked up too-or go into the dining room-small and simple-or the patio weather permitting. dinner is terrific with real Thai food with excellent spice, generous portions, and very reasonable. The pad Thai is great, but the curries are the way to go. Shrimp and pineapple curry is mild and marvelous-you can pick your heat. The green curry was outrageous-spicy was better and perfect with chicken. All the dishes are super. And they have mango sticky rice. Life is good-and beer too.

1899 16TH ST

Citizen Rail should be on everyone’s list to go. It is a steakhouse but more. Great happy hour, service the best, and great wine start. We were at chefs counter. Bursts with eggplant, hummus tdf, steak and awesome chicken. And even the carrots wow. Ice cream delish too. A great spot. Bro, lunch and dinner too. And don’t forget the burger.

Citizen Rail is in the new, popular Hotel Born and what a treat. The service is outstanding-the bar area a loud party with a huge crowd gathering for happy hour and great food at terrific prices. There is a super patio as well, but my favorite spot is the chefs bar in the main dining room. The seafood appetizer-mussels, sturgeon, grilled oysters, and more start the fun. We had some of these at the bar too and a hummus yogurt salad that is a must. So is the burrata with eggplant tapenade with a brioche bun under all. Steaks star and are huge and great but the sliced flank steak is perfect with morels and gnocchi. The chicken is just plain wonderful-grilled and crispy with an arugula bread salad and tomatillo sauce makes for a heavenly dish. The charred carrots are worth the trip. Desserts are great too. The experience is one huge treat.

1800 WAZEE

Frank Bonnano’s Milk Market is a hopping spot with 13 of his restaurants features in a huge space. Walk around and pick what you want-order and pay-find a seat and enjoy—we had the tuna poke and pastrami sandwich ($20)-nee to try the fish sandwich, bao buns., lobster roll, and pizza of course. There is dessert, drinks, wine and more too. Open all day and night-get down and enjoy it all-and the scene. Check out the write-up in 5280 Magazine.


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