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Where Gabby’s Been June 11-15, 2018

Where Gabby’s Been this week:

1472 S. PEARL

Palizo fun and summer. Patio wonderful. Bursts, cheese plate, homemade bread, gazpacho and risotto and said linguini with octopus. Sooo delicious and wonderful spot to be. Get there

Que Bueno SuerteQue Bueno Suerte
1518 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210

Tastes from the gabby dinner st Suerte on July 18. It is awesome. Watermelon gazpacho, octopus on plantain cake and sweet potato and cheese empanada. Some of the best ever!!! Join us. Chef Ivan is buy creating the new, most exciting menu. Prices are great and the food is amazing. And his Mexican wines are awesome too. Brunch is a must here as well.

Little Ollie'sLITTLE OLLIE’S
3rd and Josephine

Little Ollie’s fun lots of sushi and lettuce wraps.

Little Ollie does so much with Asian food-from sushi to Chinese to thai and more-and burgers and tuna burgers and mussels too. A great place to be.

1550 17TH ST

dinner at Avelina was awesome. Irish trout heavenly, and then cauliflower flatbread and a perfect cheeseburger!!! this is the place to be for summer-add a glass of rose for a very special summer night! Love Avelina—first the service is always perfect. The staff is so knowledgeable, friendly, and caring-and efficient too. The wine and cocktail list are great as well. Then the food-the specials amaze-but mussels, octopus, salads, soups, hummus and even a burger are special. The fried chicken is a must or go for the short rib, vegetarian, or your choice. The place is gorgeous and great patio and bar add to the scene. Get there!


Patios bring an upbeat feel to dining and a new way of fun. tonight at Ultreia, the patio made a perfect dinner more so. we had great cocktails and wine-and then gazpacho, tomato ciabatta with awesome ham, the best mushrooms on a plank not to miss-and the tuna conserve sandwich too. the night was very special.


Moxie Eatery on Broadway might have the best lunches in town!!! lambwich, thai chicken salad, and fennel side are to die for!!!

Moxie is just plain fabulous—not much on décor. Order at the counter-but if you are into absolutely marvelous food-a sandwich or salad reaches new heights here—breakfast choices like avocado toast with an egg-omg-or salads that are awesome-sandwiches beyond divine-and sides, soup and cookies too!! If you want just the best food-not worried about atmosphere-this is it-and ambience is not bad-just not what you go for.

2501 Dallas – Aurora

Annette’s is a divine spot-if you are not in Aurora get there anyway, the food, wine and service are totally tops. The spot is so welcoming-you just want to be there-we met lots of new friends at the bar-got to taste an amazing new wine-share a dessert and have amazing food. The egg salad appetizer is addictive and the pork chop for 2 or 4-the best-with fingerling potatoes, spinach and curry, oh my-a must-and the chocolate chip cookie filled with ice cream is sensational. Share amazing plates like gnocchi, salad, octopus, potatoes, carrots, tongue, foe gras, and more. Entrees for sharing-a lot as they are huge are steak, wow pork chop, awesome whole fish, and yummy chicken. Brunch is awesome too. It is the only spot to go at Stanley for upscale dining-and the entire group that runs it brings a perfect night out

295 S Penn

The new Bon Ami opens in the Telegraph space. The folks from La Merise did a great job on decor and the food was wonderful Several favorites are there but crepes star and they are terrific. New and yeah. A winner. Bon Ami has only been open a ay but is a sure hit. The former Telegraph is the same configuration but has been made more comfortable. The bar area remains the entrance and the kitchen is enlarged with fewer seats at the chefs table and more seating in that area. The patio is one great looking place. The owners are the same as La Merise and they bring the favorites from there and focus now on crepes-that are divine. The list is very long and exciting and no way to make a mistake in ordering. There are appetizers of great onion soup, musses, escargot, lox and more. The house salad and beet salad are both winners as well. Under entrees there are fish, chicken several ways, fish, even fish and chips, and vegetarian, but those crepes are where to go. Except if you go for a very special crab and avocado salad, tuna nicoise, and more. Decadent desserts end the fun and the wine and cocktail list are great. Bon Ami is a great addition to the neighbor hood and a place to be often, a true neighborhood treat.

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