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New Restaurants: June 2018

New Restaurants: June 2018

bright martenBRIGHT MARTEN

Bright Marten is the latest addition to the S. University area around Exposition. Once Seven 30 South, the new owners gutted the inside and have created an up to date, modern space that is welcoming and fun. Enter to the focal bar and stop here or grab a seat at the tables throughout the restaurant. It is modern with brick and wood, simple but warm and friendly. The team has a background at Rioja from chef to front of the house and all are talented and very attentive to all. The menu is American and one designed to appeal to all. Start with fried green tomatoes, mussels, nachos, popcorn scallops, and several salads. Two Handed choices are Juicy Lucy, a double burger stuffed with cheese, bacon, and jalapeno and onion relish. Crispy chicken, sausage, and a mushroom po’boy that hits the spot, vegetarian or not. Entrees of cured pork chop, chicken ad potato dumplings, salmon, and mushroom risotto, as well as carbonara, and steak and potatoes bring many options. Yummy desserts end the feast. The wine and cocktail list complements the food. With the great team, very good food, and fun atmosphere Bright Marten is a bright spot in the hood.

Stoic and GenuineSTOIC AND GENUINE

Stoic and Genuine totally amazes with fabulous food, drink, and service. The whole fish and red curry mussels are heavenly. The fish is head up and arranged so the diner does not have to de-bone it. It is marked that one jut picks at the sections. The mussels are so plum and delicious and if you ask, the Thai curry can be very spicy to add flavor. Grilled bread for dipping makes it perfect. What a treat! Start with calamari, octopus, wonderful soups including he crab that is a very rich treat in a cappuccino cup. Salads are exciting and indulge in rolls or cornbread. There are meat options along with fish but the burger of all things is voted the bet in town. End with decadent desserts. At Union Station the interior is train like as it goes along a long narrow space with banquette seating. The chefs bar is a great place to be, or the regular bar is super fun too. And there is a great patio for summer dining. The cocktail list with granita added to many complements the food and is very exciting. Service is perfect and they do lunch and dinner.
Their sister restaurant Ultreia doing Portuguese tapas is also in Union
Station and great fun. They have a beautiful décor, a gin bar, and fabulous patio. Their dishes offer great tastes with ha, cheeses, seafood, and meat pleasing all. This is another exciting option in the very popular downtown stop.

Ramble Hotel-1260 25th st

Super Mega Bien is super mega fabulous. The space is in the new Ramble Hotel, which is totally stunning and a big plus for RiNo. The restaurant is great looking, bright open, and friendly. Lots of color, a great bar as you enter and a chefs cooking bar in the open kitchen set the scene with seating throughout the room. There are Latin posters and the high ceiling featuring long wood poles that make for a most interesting design. Latin Dim sum stars with the small plates arriving on bright red carts-choose and the items are put on your bill. Start with Peruvian ceviche, goat cheese stuffed squash blossom with spicy pear and griddled manchego cheese that delights, as does the blue corn and black bean patty topped with a quail egg. Lamb lollipops, slow braised beef atop plantain cake, pork ribs, and fried sweet potato empanada are more. It’s easy to make a meal but do not pass on the “share” entrees that are extraordinary. Vegetarian, slow roasted chicken, lamb in banana leaf, glazed duck, and pork shoulder are marvelous but the hot stone stew with fresh fish, vegetables and aju pepper broth is a taste of heaven with the slightly spicy broth complementing the fish. Desserts keep pace as well. The cocktail and drink list are perfect for the food. Do not miss the new age white wine with pineapple sorbet! The divine, talented Dana Rodriquez and partner Tony Maciag of Work and Class have added Tabatha Knop to the ownership list of the new venture, and have again created a unique, incredible spot with Super Mega Bien.

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