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Where Gabby’s Been May 28-June1, 2018

Where Gabby’s Been:

bistro vendomeBISTRO VENDOME
Pat Miller is at Bistro Vendôme.

Bistro Vendome is awesome. Patio time. The best and a truly wonderful dinner!

Bistro Vendome is one special spot. First the décor is so warm and welcoming, and they have one of the best patios in the city. The theme is French but done in a true bistro style-not over sauced but so delicious. Mussels are a must, or onion soup that is divine, or maybe crepes, tartar, and other delights. There are several salads as well. Entrees range from chicken, scallops, and divine halibut to an outrageous salmon and quail. The steak frites is the most popular and come au poivre, peppercorn or one amazing Roquefort. And the fries-and combination of sweet and salty make these addictive. Along with terrific sides such as chickpea fries (a must with aioli) and a spring English pea, mushroom and asparagus salad, the warm loaves of bread that come with dinner make each bite more special. Decadent desserts end the meal. The mostly French wine list, great cocktails, and super service make Bistro Vendome on of the favorite dining spots in Denver.


dinner at the new Mario’s Ocean Club reminds one of Chowder House which it replaced. Caesar salad, crab cake and lobster roll were our choices. very casual and a nice new spot on S Broadway.

Mario’s Ocean Club replaces the Chowder House on S Broadway. It is one small room with a bar that seats a few people in the rear where you can also get a glimpse of the kitchen. There are banquettes and tables throughout the area. Start with the raw bar or go for Chowdas. There are 3 from which to choose. Next come veggies and salads: broccoli, charred carrots, mushrooms, vegetable fried rice, Caesar, Bibb or shrimp, and crab louis. All the dishes are a la carte so add to your choice if you choose. Sandwiches range from shrimp po boy and trout tacos to lobster roll and a cheeseburger. Seafood bring a crab cake, calamari, linguini and clams, trout, bass, and scallops. For meat loves add chicken, lamb, and steak. Wine and cocktails complement the food. Presentations are simple and service casual and friendly. Mario’s is a fun stop on S. Broadway in an every-growing area.

1800 WAZEE

Frank and Jacqueline Bonnano open this huge space with a very ambitious theme. Similar to other places around town where one goes and orders at several small spaces, gets drinks or cocktails and you are ready to eat. At most of the places here, there is bar seating at each so there is not a mass of community dining. You will find coffee, liquor, wine, and beer aplenty as you circle the room. Each of the 16 spaces feature food from Frank and Jacqueline’s concepts around the city. There’s cookies, sweets, and ice cream, and coffees to start. Then Lou’s brings the very spicy friend chicken sandwich, there’s tuna poke, boa buns, and a spot for seafood and crab cakes. There is a sandwich spot with spicy fried chicken (Lou’s) and another with one huge pastrami on rye. Salt and Grinder brings their style of sandwiches, the Italian salads and pasta look delicious, and there is a pizza spot too. Wine, beer, and bars have a presence throughout the circular walk around the room. It is quite an undertaking. It looks terrific and will be a hit with the downtown crowd as well as sports fans and dining fiends too. Congratulations to Frank and Jacqueline with the Milk Market.



Moxie is one of the best sandwich shops in town- a hidden gem! Open for breakfast and lunch, Dylan Moore does one fabulous job. No pics as our last round was to pics on our outing before Paul Simon. They would not let us take food in-so we ate outside. The turkey pesto is awesome with grilled goat cheese, arugula, tomatoes and homemade turkey on divine bread with excellent pesto. Or the curry chicken salad or turkey and brie—no stopping. And the avocado toast with a fried egg for brk is heavenly. So are the chocolate chip cookies. It is very special.


The patio at Elway’s downtown is amazing- a perfect spot for dinner or just for appetizers or the bar menu. Shrimp, crab. Calamari, lamb fondue, a burger, ribs—or maybe like salads that are entrees and wine that we adored. Covered from the sun but perfect for summer nights!!! This is a must.

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