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The Scoop: May 5, 2018

Here’s the Scoop from Saturday’s show on 630 KHOW, Listen to the entire show from May 5, 2018. .  Listen here for the podcast.

My guest was Ryan Fletter of Barolo Grill. He and chef Darrel Pruett are about to open Chow Morso on Wynkoop-the old Squeaky Bean. You may have had the good luck to have been to Chow Morso at Avanti and now it is a brick and mortar on its own. Of course, it is Italian but different than Barolo and we are finding out today all about it. The new place is gonna be great-not opening until summer. We talked about the new menus at Barolo and more.
The Gabby Gourmet Dinner at Gaetano’s is this Tues-May 8. It is gonna be fantastic. You can still join us there. Food, wines and a great night in store.

Callers called about Gaetano’s, Bright Martin, North County, Palizo, Lucia Mexican, zeplin station, and meat farms along with other subjects. Listen to the entire podcast to catch it all.
The question of the day: how many lbs of cooked risotto does Barolo serve in a week-1,500.
A new article by me about our trip is on the webpage: gabbygourmet.com

A new restaurant joined the scene and we stopped by Friday night.

730 S. University

Bright Marten opens in the Seven 30 South space and what a fabulous difference has happened. The space is great looking. Enter on the University side to a super bar, big, spacious, and the place to be. The area is now one huge room stretching to the rear minus the dividers. An open kitchen makes for great chef watching. Booths, tables, and a community table bring comfortable seating throughout the room. Brick walls, great lighting, and panels and an accent of light green bring warm feelings to the scene. The menu is American with something for every taste. Start with mussels, nachos, beet and beef tartar, brats, popcorn scallops, and delicious fried green tomatoes encrusted in potato chips served with spicy red sauce, green tomato jam, and pimiento cheese. Side offer fries, pickles, corn bread, French onion soup, and other goodies. from the garden is he spot for some great salads of Caesar, spring, and roasted vegetable. Use two hands on the list of burgers and sandwiches that include the burger where beef is stuffed with cheese, bacon, jalapeno, onion, and arugula. Or go for entrees of a cured pork chop, marvelous chicken, and dumplings, seared salmon, carbonara, and French onion beef. Leave room for decadent desserts. There’s a nice wine and cocktail list and service is outstanding. The owners, chef and staff all come well trained at Denver’s finest eateries, so you will be thrilled with the personal attention. Bright Marten is a much-wanted spot in the area and will be a huge hit as it has it all.


Fabulous new spring menu dishes Avelina . Red pepper hummus, octopus, tacos and the best crab cucumber salad ever. My new favorite dish !!
Avelina is one big hit and great in downtown Denver. Baseball time now and a perfect spot before or after a game-brunch and lunch too. And the bar menu is terrific!! And so is happy hour here. The staff is amazing, wines and drinks special—and that is before terrific food on all the menus. The fried chicken is back for spring and that is a total favorite. The crab cucumber salad is new and on my top list now—still have a few dishes to try but love it all.

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