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The Scoop: April 14, 2018

Listen to the entire show at this link: [http://www.spreaker.com/show/gabby-gourmet]

Steve Miller [www.IdeaSource.com] filled in for Gabby, who is still off on a bucket-list trip of southern Asia – tune in next Saturday for notes from the trail! Steve will be hosting again with guest Thach (Tah) Tran, Exec. Chef at Ace (Eat Serve) (www.aceeatserve.com) where you’ll find inspired Asian influences and more ping-pong tables than an Olympic training center!

Guests:  Natascha Hess, owner, proprietor and culinary light of the Ginger Pig Food Truck, along with husband and emotional support, Stephen Hess.

The Ginger Pig Food Truck was just named “Best Food Truck of 2018” by Westword and can be found at various locations in and around Boulder County – places like Liquid Mechanics and Isabella Farms in Lafayette and the Rayback Collective in Boulder – check out their calendar page to find the location that best suits you at www.TheGingerPigTruck.com.

We sampled several dishes that are all winning acclaim – Char She BBQ Pork, PBR – a deconstructed Ban Mi dish with shredded marinated pork, jalapeños and lime, and a vegan red curry dish. Natascha draws inspirations from her time living in China and traveling broadly through South Asia. She also credits mentors like Carrie Baird (America’s Top Chef and currently Bar Dough – www.bardoughdenver.com – in the Highlands)

Today’s Question:

Natascha asked, “How many Bangkok Rice Balls did the GPFT serve since the beginning of March” These crispy rice balls are a favorite, served with a kefir lime aioli, served 3 to an order. The correct answer was 483.

While no one guessed without going over, the closest guess was 500 by Rich. Rich will receive a certificate for a free dinner for two at the GPFT.

Natascha also will be sending gift certificates for free orders of these Bangkok Rice Balls to many other callers who left their contact information to receive these! Thanks Natascha!!

Calls and conversations:

Pat called to ask when the GPFT would be in Denver – Natascha indicated that was in the works in conjunction with the future opening of “Improper City” in the RiNo district. Pat also shared a good experience at Carribbean hotspot, Bang up to the Elephant (www.banguptotheelephant.restaurant) at 13th and Pearl.

Rich called to ask about the GPFT’s commitment to local produce, which Natascha said was a huge part of the GPFT mission – look for the GPFT at the Boulder Farmer’s Market all summer where dishes will be created on site based on the farm fresh produce she finds there each day!

Dana called to share a really unique discovery – a “fast-casual” place called Tocabe (tocabe.com) an American Indian Eatery at 44th and Lowell. Affordable, fresh and totally unexpected!

Paula called in and revealed she was a “food truck virgin” we discussed how wonderful a well run food truck can be (like the GPFT) and advised her and others to come up to the Rayback Collective (www.therayback.com) in Boulder on Sunday from 11a – 9p where the GPFT and three other food trucks will be to serve all tastes!!!

AND THEN we ran out of time!!!

GABBY DINNER at Gaetano’s

Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 6:30 PM, 38th & Tejon – 3760 Tejon

Call 303-455-9852 to reserve – but do it fast as these sell out quickly!

Gaetano’s wants to host us again-with a fabulous dinner with exciting new dishes for spring! As always it will be delicious-and fun here too. The price is $50 inclusive of tax, tip and wine.


For those as of yet unfamiliar with Gabby Dinners, these are arranged by the Gabby Gourmet as opportunities to more fully experience a restaurant in the area. Restaurateur’s put together tasting menus that show off the scope of their concepts, usually three courses plus desserts, wine, tax and tip, all at a lower-than-usual price for the evening. These do book out VERY quickly but are a foodie’s dream experiences. Do try to attend one of these in the future or you will be missing out!

Thanks so much for listening, thanks even more for calling in and sharing…you all are the most important part of the show so, keep calling

-Steve and Gabby

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