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Where Gabby’s Been: April 2-6th, 2018

Where Gabby’s Been…

2011 E 17TH Ave.

Dinner at Atalier by Radex – possibly the best Chef in Denver, definitely the best French in Denver!!

Atelier just won best French Restaurant in Denver in Westword-and deservedly so. A dinner in this small charming place just brings one wonderful moment after another. The space is so beatufiul, lovely linens, and comfortable seating. The menu is so intriguing that it is impossible to decide on your meal. Appetizers amaze with foie gras, mussels, the farmer’s salad, sautéed mushrooms, duck rillette (necessary), carpaccio and more. Entrees are so beautiful to see, as all the plates are huge and gorgeous and each dish is like a painting. Elk, bouillabaisse, salmon, duck, cassoulet, chicken, scallops and whatever reach new heights in taste and presentation. And the accompaniments are just as marvelous. Decadent desserts including the chocolate duck are so worth the calories. Lunch is an absolute bargain! The wines are lovely, prices affordable, and Radek worth the trip. Atelier by Radex is just the best thing to happen and one can-and does go often as it is so special.

1600 17TH ST

Jacks Uptown Grille is a perfect choice bad weather but warm and welcoming inside. Sandwiches were our wish and they were great. Meet tanner the bartender too for an extra treat great!

Jack’s Uptown Grille is a perfect neighborhood bistro and gathering place. It is small, inviting, and fills the bill for a place for drinks, great food, and service, and affordable for people who want to go out more than once in a while for a special occasion. The bar is the focal point with seating all around the room and great patios weather permitting. There are so many craveables from wings and artichoke dip to fried artichokes, great cheese balls, burrata and more. Soups and salads are special and so are the burgers and sandwiches. There’s also a tempting list of entrée salads. Entrees are excellent with salmon with risotto, half chicken, steak and more. No matter what mood you are in, there is something that will fill the need for your yearning. And don’t forget decadent desserts. There’s a lovely cocktail, beer, and wine list to complement your food, and you can afford to eat here often. Brunch on weekends is a must as well. Jack’s Uptown Grille brings a great gathering place for terrific food and fun.

Jack’s Uptown Grille is the perfect spot for great, casual food and fun. this is a terrific neighborhood place for favorite sandwiches, burgers, fish and chips, and entrees-wine is great and service sooo good-and get the chocolate chip cookie in a skillet for a divine ending!

2893 Roslyn St, Denver
(303) 388-8299

 at Four Friends Kitchen (Stapleton).

Four Friends and 2 of us. Same delicious lunch. WE BOTH Ended with the veggie omelet!

Four Friends is a charming spot in Stapleton where crowds gather for breakfast and lunch-both served all day. It is one room very casual, but terrific and friendly with super servers. The menu has something for everyone. French toast, chicken and waffles, eggs benedict, skillets and more for breakfast. The salads are exceptional, and sandwiches are very special. Cornbread is a choice instead of toast-take it-and the omelets are the fluffiest ones I’ve had I ages. There are cocktails, wine and beer-and lots of fun at this terrific neighborhood spot-and there is now a second on S University by DU.

2930 Umatilla St 5th Floor,

Nothing better than El Five. A dream of a place with food, drinks, service, and ambience. Tops in all. Denver is so lucky to have this!

El Five is the most exciting spot in Denver. The décor and ambience is electric-a 360 degree view of the city that cannot be stopped, the interior amazing, and then the food, wine and staff is as perfect as the décor. Small plates for sharing-with plenty of food, beautiful to see, better to eat and then several paella entrees are available too. No where to begin or end, just pick. This time it started with olives, nuts and cheese and then babaganoush, matzo ball dumplings, cauliflower yufka, carrots, potatoes brava, lamb sausage with hummus, and the new pheasant pizza.  That is one lot of food and everyone did justice to every awesome bite. Get there any evening and have the time of your life. And don’t forget the bar with exciting cocktails as well as wine and beer. Decadent desserts are there if you can find room too. El Five is the best!!!!!!


Wood Grain in Lowry. Loved the bagel lunches so tried the chicken dinner. Wood oven chicken a hit. Chocolate chip cookie to die for. Fries and salad too.

Wood Grain Bagels is a Montreal concept where bagels are soaked in honey water and then baked in the wood burning oven. They and the toppings are super. The space is very small-the patio bigger now that it is almost that time again. Order at the counter and they serve you. The dinner has the sandwiches, bagels, etc. but we decided to try the after 3pm chicken. The chicken was very good-crispy, cooked and yummy. There was a brown sauce, but I went for the hot stuff on the table. The chicken comes with tasty fries. Order a salad if you prefer or a big one. The lettuce is all a weedy endive, not mixed greens, but the dressing is nice. The chocolate chip cookie is awesome. The other cookies looked equally inviting an d then there were many more decadent options. There is a wine or beer too. Servers are very friendly. It is a neighborhood spot-or if you live in the hood take a chicken home for dinner.

2011 E 17TH Ave.

At Atelier by Radex for lunch- 2 beautiful salads, 2 thrilled people eating them!

Lunch at Atelier is very special. It is the hidden gem in the city!!! The most beautiful-and best food-at the most incredible prices too. Just trying to decide is the problem. You will love it!


An amazing night at Annette. New items and still so much to try. Every dish a total delight!

Annette’s continues to delight all. The space is small and charming, the staff some of the best anywhere. And the food is awesome. The kitchen turns out fabulous food-share plates with three entrees are on the menu. Some new items include a Bibb lettuce salad like no other and a radish, anchovy toast that is unbelievably delicious. We had to ask to describe the ingredients but together they made for one special treat. The mushrooms with hummus amaze as do the gnocchi. The entrée of pork tenderloin is not only beautiful to see but perfectly cooked and so good and the spaetzle with it is addictive. Too full to eat another bite except for the ice cream sandwich-never had a better cookie or ice cream. The wines are lovely, and the staff makes every moment even better. Annette’s is a true gem.

1550 17TH

Avelina is perfect for a ballgame—ok-did not get there for that! But if you want a great bar or upscale dining room this is the place. The food is wonderful, service and staff the best, and it is affordable. The bar menu is sensational!!!! On my way to Asia in the morning so had to have one last burger at the bar!! No disappointment there or anything that Avelina serves. My friend is addicted to the octopus-it is delicious but sort of giving up on it for a while. Tuna tartar is another favorite, and the salads rock too.

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