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New Restaurants: April 2018

New Restaurants: April 2018


2995 Larimer

Open 11am-10pm daily

Finally-Shake Shack opens in Denver-in RiNo 29th and Larimer-great looking and the burger all that they say-so good with perfect bun-great toppings-the green chile just for Denver a must, shakes, fries, chicken too, and vanilla custard dessert-oh my–welcome to Denver-we love you.

Shake shack lives up to the hype!! The space is fabulous-high ceilings, great wood, all open with huge windows-the line goes quickly-there are a lot of people—all friendly and waiting for the burger fix we have been waiting for. Staff is great-place your order, grab a seat-there are many tables, high tops and seating—a pager will alert you when your order is ready/ there’s even beer and wine-then divine lemonade, coffee and tea too-now let’s get to the food. Burgers-Shackburger-love it -cheeseburger with stuff and shack sauce, smoke stack-cheeseburger with bacon, chopped cherry pepper and shack sauce-shroom bug, A veggie choice with mushrooms and cheese, and more. There is a chicken, crispy with lettuce, pickles, buttermilk herb mayo or a griddled chick’n club. The green chile cheddar shack is Denver only!!! Love it with shredded white cheddar, marinated green chilies and scallions. Crinkly fries are a hit too. Then concretes!! That is a dessert that takes a glazed filled donut with their vanilla custard-don’t look at the calories. And in case that is not enough you might want a hand spun shake too!!! Whatever it is, it’s a scene, a treat, and the place to be!


Scratch to Table

2501 N. Dallas ST

Aurora, 80218



Annette’s is a charming spot at the Staley Marketplace. The restaurant brings relief of the industrial/very rustic décor with the most welcoming ambience. The space is small with a lovely bar to gather or dine. It is all open where the wood grill is totally the focal point, and Chef/Owner Caroline heads the unique meal where the grill brings out such terrific flavors in the food. Dark wood, black white and a wonderful array of wall décor and an awesome screen set the scene. The lighting adds an addition flare to the very well thought out space. The menu is short, very innovative, and each dish offers tastes that delight. Deviled eggs, spiced nuts, and popcorn are snacks. Net on the list are butter lettuce with tarragon, charred endive, spiced lentils and burrata. Add winter vegetables, pork cheeks, beef tongue and marrow toast, octopus, gnocchi, a sun choke gratin half chicken and whole fish and enjoy your choice. At lunch sandwiches delight along with soup as more options. Just the perfect sides accompany each dish. Wine, beer, and cocktails complement the food, and service is excellent. Probably the most upscale dining at Stanley, it is definitely a treat and the place to be. Annette is very special.


1301 Pearl

Yes. Bang up to the elephant is the name. Caribbean food and drink. Fin and good fare and drinks to match. The place is quite large and looks great. Enter a room where breakfast and coffee are served and then enter the main area. A huge bar on one side-lots of tile, white with a light green touch, wood backed booths, planter boxes up the wall and used as dividers, great lighting from the very high unfinished ceiling and community tables offer the feel of the beach. The cocktail list Is a dream for tiki type cocktails along with beer and a few wines, while the menu goes for the area as well. Lots of plantains and interesting apps with shrimp fritters, grilled pineapple chow and interesting chicken wings. The bowl of mussels and squid in a sorrel sauce and mangos hits the spot, and the bowl of chow Mein brings noodles with protein of choice. There are curries and rotis, and entrees of pimiento smoked chicken or pork. The cornbread even takes on the island taste with a pimiento flavor. There are many sandwiches, but the signature is bake and shark, deep fried and served on a bun with plantain chips. Service is great with very friendly and caring staff. Find a place to park and you’re in. Bang Up the Elephant is a big neighborhood hit for good reason


1899 16th st


Citizen Rail is the steakhouse and more in the Kimpton Hotel, Born in the exciting Union Station area. As you enter one room is a bar/lounge, a happening place where the large bar and surrounding tables are filled with people who gather for happy hour, a drink, or even to enjoy a meal from the regular menu. The dining area is warm with a huge open kitchen, a chefs’ bar to watch the chefs and comfortable seating. Lots of wood, big windows and a terrific staff set the scene. Start with grilled oysters, a potato cake, sweetbreads, a sourdough garlic know covered with creamy burrata, and lamb tartar. The mesquite fired mussels with grilled bread are plump and so pleasing to the taste. Enjoy charcuterie or one of the lovely salads as well. Steaks star and are prepared on a special grill after removed from the dry aging room on display. Mains arrive with complete dinners starting with a huge bone in smoked short rib, chicken, blackened monkfish, a vegetarian plate and one amazing whole spaih octopus swimming in a spicy tomato relish. The burger is so popular with bacon, cheddar, and more on brioche. Decadent desserts end the meal. There’s an interesting cocktail and wine list to complement the food. Service is outstanding from the host to managers and waitstaff. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Citizen Rail is an excellent choice for dining in the area.


250 Steele


Mehak India’s Aroma opens in Cherry Creek. Beautiful decor and very good food make this a delicious choice in the area. Lovely people make it even nicer

Enter this spot in the lower level of the complex (there is parking in the rear) and find a charming restaurant. The focal bar is lovely, lit beautifully with wines on display in an overhead cabinet. One wall features a design of a black-like screen over white lit trees while tables and booths are done in pale orchid with china of grey and yellow with red napkins. The effect is stunning. The family comes from London where chef worked for the last 15 years and brings his talent to Cherry Creek. The menu starts with many appetizers-chicken pakora, dumplings, cauliflower, mushrooms stuffed with lamb tempura style, onions as well, and marvelous chicken wings in a spicy sauce-worth the trip. The sautéed lamb is another must have with a great spice at the end. There are entrees, grilled specialties, paneers, vegetarian dishes, and many selections of chicken and lamb. Just pick your favorite Indian dish, and you will find it here. There are four varieties of naan to complement the food. Order from mild to “Indian hot-11!!!) We were told not to dare. Nice wines, drinks, and Indian beer make things even better. Typical Indian desserts end the meal. Servers are very friendly too. Mehak is open for lunch and dinner and a terrific new dining option in the area.


It is off 35 and Brighton-head to 31st-it is there

The building is sleek and very modern. Enter the space to a large bar-very stunning and enjoy your drink here! The style of the restaurants is ladi out like a cafeteria setting. First was Comal which changes what

Zeppelin Station opens officially on Monday but get on over. The space is very modern, slick, white and clean looking lines. The building is sleek and very modern. Enter the space to a large bar-very stunning and enjoy your drink here! The style of the restaurants is laid out in a food court layout. First was Comal which changes what it serves-Mexican, etc different days. In no special order there was poke, Bahn mi, Vietnamese, Indian, smoked meats, a coffee shop, and gelato store. Get your choice-they will page you when done-great a seat at many different spots for dining and enjoy. The poke was a big hit-marinated tuna-rice or salad, and pick toppings at no extra charge. The banh mi was on large rolls with the protein, cilantro, pate, and more. Cannot speak to the Indian-my next stop but with more poke, and my friend wants to smoked meats. Sure this will be a big hit-and lots of fun. Ignore the traffic mess getting there and enjoy the scene.

Wood Grain Bagels is now in Lowry!! And a winner. Pastrami. And avocado mash on bagel with over easy eggs. On our way back!

Wood Grain Bagels opens in Lowry-and what a treat. The place is small-mostly a huge counter with some seating, a spot to place your order and an amazing display of sweets and an entire side of the bagels. The bagels, made here, are first left overnight, then soaked in honey water for a bit, and baked in the wood burning oven. Always fresh, this happens all day until 3 when the oven is used for wood fired chicken and pizzas. The resulting bagels are great, perfect for the super toppings. breakfast sandwiches of eggs, croque monsieur, continental, steak and eggs, and then avocado smashed on your bagel with eggs your way, green goddess, and caprese. Lunchtime brings nova, pastrami, turkey, Rueben, chicken, and more. Kiddies alert: mac and cheese, pizza bagel, grilled cheese, and PB & J. There are poutines, salads, the chicken, and pizzas with sides at night as well, and gluten free options available on all. Along with coffees, teas, etc. there are beer and wine offered. You order, they deliver on both the food and caring. Wood Grain is one great spot.

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