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Where Gabby’s Been March 26-30th

Where Gabby’s Been this week…

3030E E. 6th Ave

Barolo Grill. Deserves the favorite status from all. Amazing food, wine, and service. Meet new friends and gather with all. It’s the place to be and live being there!

Barolo Grill is the perfect example of a restaurant that gets better and better with time. New places come and go, but Barolo is still the place to be. You will find a full house of happy diners any night it is open. The bar that spans one side of the restaurant is the focal point as you enter and you might wait quite a while for a seat-most people are there for dinner, not just a quick drink, as Katie and Steve not only serve up great cocktails and wine, but handle your dinner perfectly. The dining room is lovely with table seating, lovely china, and fresh flowers. The other section has carpet and a bit more intimate. And there is a great party room which affords more seating as well. Darrel Truett, executive chef, turns out amazing food from enticing appetizers, the best salads, and homemade pastas to die for. Entrees are just as special, and desserts are perfect. Some signature items such as the calamari frito and duck never change but just waiting for the latest item is part of the fun. This all happens as Owner Ryan Fletter charms all and heads a staff that is the most special from the valet, hostesses, and servers. Barolo Grill remains tops in Denver.


One of our terrific dishes at shells and Sauce tonight at the bar with Cole. So delicious. A special spring salad and salmon. And wine of course

Shells and Sauce is a perfect Italian bistro-here is a spot where the staff makes for a terrific experience. There is a focal bar that fills up quickly-for a drink or dining-the spot we love to have dinner. There is seating throughout the one room and a semi open kitchen where you can see the chefs at work. The menu is very appealing and affordable with generous portions of great food. Appetizers of calamari, mussels, bruschetta, burrata, and some really wonderful salads start the list. Pastas star with so many choices-the lasagna enough for the week. The pizzas are terrific as well. Entrees of veal, eggplant, chicken, and fish are offered in many styles and everyone seems to find their favorite dish here. Decadent desserts and homemade warm bread spoil all. The cocktails and wine complement the food. Service is extraordinary with a staff that remembers you after one visit and makes you so welcome. There is a patio, and upstairs patio, and one of the best brunches around. Shells and Sauce is a perfect choice.

2575 W. Main St

Great time in Littleton. Head to Smokin Fins for great seafood, pork and more. Great spot here!

Smokin Fins is a happening-a great one in Littleton! The space is great. Enter to a huge bar that takes center stage around the big room. Grab a seat and enjoy a drink or dinner or be seated in one of the many tables or booths around the room. The ambience is casual with brick, light colors, great lighting, and that feel of a fish house in the east. The menu of course features seafood but for land lovers there are great options. The “smokin” is not heavy and is not on all the dishes. It is specified on the menu so choose what style appeals most. Start with ‘Crave 7 Share”. Pork shank wings, shrimp, edamame, and oysters but don’t miss the calamari, fabulous lobster tater tots, lobster stuffed avocado, and fabulous lobster-crab stuffed mushrooms. There is a long list of tacos and several bowls if you like. Plates include fish and ships, shrimp scampi, enchilada, mahi, spicy ahi, and lobster mac and cheese. The honey chipotle salmon, ribeye, and baby back ribs shine with great sauces and taste. Smoked on cedar are a salmon and burger. If you want go for the sandwiches: prime rib, shrimp burger, cheese burger, lobster-crab stuffed mushroom burger or one terrific pulled pork sandwich. And not to be left out is one outstanding list of sushi, all very fresh and delicious. End it all with the best chocolate chip bread pudding with caramel and ice cream. The cocktail and wine list are affordable and complement the food. Service is outstanding to make the evening more fun. With all this and affordable prices, Smokin Fins is one great spot in the area – and so worth the drive!

501 E. 17TH AVE

And this pic is not all of the dishes we had at the fabulous Gabby dinner at Ace. Some of the best Asian food anywhere and a perfect night.

Brussels sprouts and shishitos, crazy Sichuan shrimp wontons, gyoza, and crispy imperial rolls

Jade stir-fry and green papaya salad

Scallop and shrimp x.o. rice pillows, night market chicken, crispy beef, and golden rice

Miso caramel mousse, ace fortune cookie, bao doughnuts

And yes-everyone had all of this!! And every bite was wonderful. And service too-and we could have any cocktail or wine too-thanks to Josh Wolkon and staff for this great event!!!ACE is a very popular place on E. 17th Ave for several good reasons. The place is very large and features ping pong in one entire room in the rear. Amateurs and those who are serious gather for just a game-or tournaments and challenges—that’s great and fun but more important, the food shines. The ambience is casual with a huge bar section for dining, gathering and fun, or go into the dining room where there is a chef’s bar, open kitchen, and comfortable seating. Big windows, community table, and booths and other tables set the scene. Josh and Jen Wolkon, the divine owners have a new executive chef that brings the Asian food to new heights. It is innovative, exciting, and delicious. From gyoza, egg rolls, Brussels sprouts with edamame, to awesome soup dumplings, appetizers entice. The papaya salad and sautéed greens are a must. And then entrees are very special from shrimp and salmon to awesome chicken and the best crispy beef ever. There’s ramen and rice bowls and enough to keep one coming back on a regular basis to get through the choices. Decadent desserts end the fun. Cocktails, beer, and wine complement the food. Service is outstanding and prices affordable to make Ace, Eat, Serve the place to be-very often for great food and fun.

1600 17TH ST

Jacks Uptown Grille is a perfect choice for bad weather but warm and welcoming inside. Sandwiches were our wish and they were great. Meet tanner the bartender too for an extra treat great!

Jack’s Uptown Grille is a perfect neighborhood bistro and gathering place. It is small, inviting, and fills the bill for a place for drinks, great food, and service, and affordable for people who want to go out more than once in a while for a special occasion. The bar is the focal point with seating all around the room and great patios weather permitting. There are so many craveables from wings and artichoke dip to fried artichokes, great cheese balls, burrata and more. Soups and salads are special and so are the burgers and sandwiches. There’s also a tempting list of entrée salads. Entrees are excellent with salmon with risotto, half chicken, steak and more. No matter what mood you are in, there is something that will fill the need for your yearning. And don’t forget decadent desserts. There’s a lovely cocktail, beer, and wine list to complement your food, and you can afford to eat here often. Brunch on weekends is a must as well. Jack’s Uptown Grille brings a great gathering place for terrific food and fun.

7559 E Academy

Wood Grain Bagels is now in Lowry!! And a winner. Pastrami. And avocado mash on bagel with over easy eggs. On our way back!

Wood Grain Bagels opens in Lowry-and what a treat. The place is small-mostly a huge counter with some seating, a spot to place your order and an amazing display of sweets and an entire side of the bagels. The bagels, made here, are first left overnight, then soaked in honey water for a bit, and baked in the wood burning oven. Always fresh, this happens all day until 3 when the oven is used for wood fired chicken and pizzas. The resulting bagels are great, perfect for the super toppings. breakfast sandwiches of eggs, croque monsieur, continental, steak and eggs, and then avocado smashed on your bagel with eggs your way, green goddess, and caprese. Lunchtime brings nova, pastrami, turkey, Rueben, chicken, and more.  Kiddies alert: mac and cheese, pizza bagel, grilled cheese, and PB & J. There are poutines, salads, the chicken, and pizzas with sides at night as well, and gluten free options available on all. Along with coffees, teas, etc. there are beer and wine offered. You order, they deliver on both the food and caring. Wood Grain is one great spot.


Chicken parm, eggplant parm and veal scaloppini at Shells and Sauce on another cold night. Perfect with wine.

Friends invited me to Shells–read above-and on a cold, rainy night we had a blast with perfect food for the night. Great wine and service and the place was mobbed.

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