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The Scoop: March 3, 2018

Here’s The Scoop from Saturday’s show on 630 KHOW, Listen to the entire show from March 3, 2018. . http://www.spreaker.com/show/gabby-gourmet click for the podcast.

My guests were the terrific Adam Lipsius, producer, movie guy, and friend and Shane Kidd, my New York theater and movie maven, publicist, and back of the scenes guy.

Hamilton-he is publicist for the original Burr in Hamilton-who will also be in Jesus Christ SuperStar on Easter Sunday on NBC.

We devoted the entire show to the Oscars-candidates-stories behind some of the stars-Shane knows them-and who we think-and who we want to win.

Adam and Shane and I all have different ideas-both guests were beyond terrific!

Listen to the podcast for the entire show. I am heading back to it again now.

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Monday, March 19, 2018
El Five
2930 Umatilla  5th story


At long last we all get to indulge in the fabulous El Five! so anticipated, we will be wowed and have a fabulous dinner that includes tax, tp, and wine for $45. Seating is limited so reserve early.


501 E. 17TH AVE

ACE has a fantastic new chef and menu and is hosting a Gabby dinner so all can indulge in the divine new food. Chef will be serving family style tastes of so many goodies you will not be able to choose a favorite. Owners Josh and Jen Wolkon and chef will make the most special night for all. The price of dinner inclusive of tax, tip and wine is $35. Reserve early.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
38th & Tejon—3760 Tejon

Gaetano’s wants to host us again-with a fabulous dinner with exciting new dishes for spring! As always it will be delicious-and fun here too. The price is $50 inclusive of tax, tip and wine.

501 E. 17TH AVE

Ace on 17th & Penn is so terrific. New chef brings his Asian food and captivates all!!! enjoy Restaurant Week or the regular menu-bao buns, pork soup dumplings, shrimp and rice noodles, banana leaf salmon, midnight chicken and even a unique awesome dessert!! Yeah for Ace.

Ace, eat, service has its great ping pong rooms where crowds gather nightly for fun!! And it is. Now Josh and Jen Wolken have a new chef Thack Tran who amazes and pastry chef Nadine Donovan and now the food is exciting and addictive. We had lots, but some favorites were the gyoza to start and the jade stir fry-a mix of wonderful veggies that disguise the fact that they are healthy with spices and taste. The Bao buns are worth the trip-pork belly with mustard seed on the side is a must. Ramen is a hit with several options, but we went for spice market beef with beef broth—crispy beef with orange peel and chilies and the night market chicken, grilled with spies and goji berries and coconut rice are two dishes I could easily have once a week-or day!! Desserts are wow with a white chocolate mousse, chocolate sauce, and croutons of moji and kumquats pleased all. Lots of cocktails, wine, beer and nonalcoholic drinks too. With great service, the “new” Ace is the place to be!

Avelina DenverAVELINA
1550 17TH STREET

Avelina has a new bar menu. Omg. Great. The burger is awesome. Might be my fav of those now here in Denver. And red pepper hummus is exceptional. Lobster agnolotti special as well cocktails , wine and service-make this the place to be

Avelina has a new bar menu to add to the fun of the regular exceptional menu. Flat iron steak, short rib and beet flatbread-or one with cauliflower, duck liver pate, meat and cheese board, falafel fritters, and salami bruschetta—and then the red pepper hummus with pita and pumpkin seeds as a bit of spice and is addictive. And the burger!! Might be tops around town now. Prime beef, great bun, fancy sauce, pickles, lettuce and gruyere cheese is that one has to eat it all no matter how full!!! And the lobster agnolotti from the regular menu and squash salad are still a must. Avelina just keeps getting better and better,

Atelier DenverATELIER
2011 E. 17TH AVE

Restaurant week doesn’t get better than at Atelier by Radex. The choices amaze and tastes and presentation are perfect. Try and get there.

The dinner was marvelous and served so beautifully. There were so many choices-we all chose the mushrooms-the appetizer is awesome. Then each guest was served both soup and salad. Entrees of chicken, scallops and shrimp on goat cheese angel hair, and the elk were all winners. And the crème Brule and chocolate coffee decadent delight were perfect. Any day or night here is a treat but wow!! Radek has done it right for this week too

Bistro Vendome DenverBISTRO VENDOME

Before Hamilton. A divine dinner at Bistro Vendome. Special young man with us too. Salads, mussels, scallops and trout. All winners and chocolate dessert the best

Bistro Vendome is the charming French bistro that pleases all with its great food and service, a very French and delightful wine list, and one of the best patios in the city. We talk about it often but now, during the run of Hamilton (which of course is taking Denver by storm), the are starting their dinner service at 4.30 (the theater requests guests arrive an hour early for security) so fans can still relax over dinner. On weekends they will serve till 11pm as well. During the week they will serve till 10. The menu is perfect-some favorites like divine onion soup, mussels or steak frites, and so many appetizers and entrees from which to choose, that any taste will find something to enjoy.

2011 E. 17TH AVE

Well there were really 3 of these today for lunch at Atelier. Beautiful salmon salad and happy eaters.

The birthday is finally ending but with a big hit.

Atelier by Radex does an amazing dinner-above- but lunch is the best hidden gem in town. A terrific menu of modern French cuisine, magnificent presentations on stunning china, and of course, perfect food—all at affordable prices-makes this the spot to enjoy the midday meal. From omelets, appetizers and salads, one of which is the tuna nicoise, to panini (don’t miss the salmon or ham and cheese), to entrees of extraordinary pasta, fish, beef and more. If you have the mussels, you will be spoiled for any other, and the bouillabaisse is another not to miss here.

Annette's DenverANNETTE’S

Annette’s is truly a gem. very small, they do everything so well. the food and service are marvelous-casual and welcoming. and wow, every taste is so terrific.

Annette’s brunch is a total winner so back for dinner. The small space is a gem with a staff that is outstanding, making every diner special. And the food is awesome. The charred endive with browned butter, radicchio, squash, orange and pomegranate is a must. There are so many other plates to share that a few more trips are imperative. Mushrooms, chopped salad, octopus, gnocchi, oh my. Entrees of half chicken and pork are so perfect-you must share as they are huge-and so good. There are more and enticing desserts too. On the semifinal list for a James Beard award for top chef in the southwest and best restaurant-in a year—that says it all.

Mercantile DenverMERCANTILE

Mercantile is a happening-and happy-place for a delightful and delicious lunch!! salads and sandwiches are outstanding-just hard to choose which one to get! great staff makes is an extraordinary experience.

Mercantile is one of Denver’s top spots. At Union Station, the terrific place is bright, quite large and sister to the very popular Fruition. The dining room is comfortable with lovely seating upholstered chairs, and the place to be. Unless you nab a place at the focal bar that occupies the big space as you enter. You can stop in for just a drink or enjoy your meal here. The huge open kitchen is special to watch, and there are 6 special seats at a cooking bar to watch the chefs at work. Alex Seidel and partner Matt Vowler, along with the other very talented chefs, bring great menus from appetizers, pastas, entrees and more. Every dish is unique in taste and presentation.

At lunch place your order at the stand and pick a seat anywhere. A text tells you to pick up your order at the kitchen. The sandwiches and salads amaze. This is breakfast as well. Servers do help serve and fill any needs. Chicken chermoula salad has a vinaigrette along with seasonings that make every bite exciting-and wanting more. The house made pastrami grilled with tiny Brussel sprouts leaves on grilled bread, the Italian and the banh mi please all as well. You can pick up pastries, drinks, and cheeses and meats to go as well. The shopping area has many items worth the sale. Mercantile is a wonderful restaurant that brings locals and out-of-towners to Denver. A visit to the Union Station is special, Mercantile makes it more so.

3030 E. 6th Ave

Barolo Grill-OMG- nothing can top this spot for food, wine, service, hospitality-the crowd is always there and so happy-I am one of those happy campers-the bar was full-making new friends too-octopus, Brussels sprouts salad, pork, and duck-heavenly and amazing!

Barolo Grill just impresses at every visit for every guest. The place is great looking, warm and comfortable, with beautiful linen set tables, a terrific focal bar with everyone gather for drinks and a full meal. One has to wait for a spot here. Katie and Steve hold court and care for all at the bar. Even the valet is special. The appetizers are so creative and divine, pastas amaze, and entrees are so good. An amuse of octopus makes the guest beg for more. And the winter brussels sprouts salad is addictive. The pork tenderloin and signature duck please all as do all the pastas. You’ll love whatever you choose. It is the best.

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