Get Ready for Spring Golf

Get Ready for Spring Golf with Strength and Flexibility

Spring is coming! For some, this can mean time for spring outdoor activities.

If you’re a golfer, now is the time to prepare. Ready for a workout that will help improve your golf swing, prevent golf-related injuries, and make you look and feel great too?

Essentrics is an exercise program that simultaneously strengthens and stretches every muscle of the body from your fingers to your toes. Athletes have found that Essentrics gives them strength, power and increased range of motion to improve performance in their sport of choice. (watch the Montreal Canadians doing Essentrics)

One of the unique benefits of the Essentrics technique is strength through stretching. This is one of the most powerful forms of conditioning the muscles because all muscles are conditioned to be strong and flexible, joints are not restricted, increasing maximum power.  Golfers will benefit from increased spine, shoulder and hip rotation and mobility. In addition to improving one’s athletic performance, Essentrics reduces and often eliminates pain and injury, so athletes can continue to enjoy their game for years to come.

Essentrics will benefit your golf game in the following ways:

Lower Body Strength and flexibility:  Essentrics strengthens and stretches the muscles of the lower body including the glutes and hamstrings and hip flexors, increasing the power in each swing.


Core strength and range of motion: Essentrics strengthens and stretches the muscles of the core including the muscles of the lower back, improving spinal extension and flexion as well as rotation of the lumbar and thoracic spine. These combined increase power and accuracy for golfers while also preventing pain and injury.

Hip strength and mobility: Essentrics rebalances hips to improve range of motion, which contributes to increased hip rotation, resulting in a more complete follow-through and a more powerful swing.

Shoulder mobility: Essentrics rebalances the muscles of the shoulder girdle to improve range of motion and prevent injury to this delicate joint. Improved shoulder mobility enhances thoractic rotation. All of this contributes to a smooth, complete backswing and follow through.

Distribution of weight/Balance: The feet are worked in every workout and you learn to distribute weight properly. This improves balance and weight distribution from the back foot to the front foot, and will contribute to a more consistent swing and follow-through.

Arm/Hand/Wrist mobility and strength: The entire arm is worked to improve the strength and flexibility of the arm, including shoulder, forearm, wrists and fingers.

Increased Endurance: During each Essentrics workout you never stop moving. Most Essentrics workout are 30-60 minutes. Doing an Essentrics workout at least three times a week builds stamina and endurance to maintain a high level of performance throughout an entire round of golf.

Turns out all of these benefits are good for everybody, whether you golf or not. Want to try a class? Visit for a schedule of classes.


About the Author

jenny-bertrandJenny Bertrand is a Master Essentrics Instructor, teaching Essentrics since 2012. She found Classical Stretch powered by Essentrics on Rocky Mountain PBS in 2002 shortly after having her first child. Since Essentrics is a gentle, nurturing exercise program, she did not expect to find so many fitness benefits, but she fell in love with the exercise program when her aches and pains from old athletic injuries melted away, her baby belly flattened, and her posture improved. Ten years later, she introduced live Essentrics classes to the Denver area, and has led thousands of people in Essentrics classes. Jenny earned both her undergraduate degree and Masters in Business Administration from the University of Colorado. This Colorado native loves spending time with her husband and three children, helping people feel better in their own bodies and finding her way to a beach every now and then. You can find out more about Jenny’s Essentrics classes at and on Facebook at

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