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Where Gabby’s Been February 19-23, 2018

Where Gabby’s Been: February 19 – 23, 2018

Annie's CafeANNIE’S CAFE:

Annie’s Cafe for a bite before a meeting. Good eggs and avocado toast—an old standby for a good breakfast-all day and night-they poach eggs very well and it is old fashioned comfort-sandwiches, salads, Mexican food, pies, and egg dishes. Not fancy here but pleasant spot for conversation too.





Avelinia DenverAVELINA
1550 17TH St—at Wazee

Happy bday to me! A great dinner with my kids in a divine place. Love Avelina. The food and the people make this a special spot anytime. An extraordinary dinner. Thank you
Avelina has worked its way into the hearts of Denver diners. A spectacular bar runs across the front with windows that open to the patio when weather permits. Service is amazing to start under direction of Karen Pence and then all else too. Cocktails and wine rock-dine at the bar or enjoy the comfortable dining room with lovely tables and booths-and even a community table. The open kitchen in the back is a fun spot to watch too. Appetizers amaze with octopus—the best- a squash salad to die for, meatballs, brussels sprouts, soup, and much more. The flatbreads are a must. And then entrees -wow-sea bass, short rib, fabulous pork, wonderful chicken, pasta, and on and on. Desserts are very special-and now they have a new bar menu to entice!!!! It’s just a great spot to be-lunch, dinner, Saturday and Sunday brunch, the bar and more. Guess that’s even reasons to be there!!!

2267 Kearney

A great birthday dinner at Tables–super fun with great food from the new menu-and yes-gotta have cake–this party just goes on and on-and love it!!! Amy and Dustin make it a real treat. This charming restaurant has been around for 10 years and gets better each time. The owners and staff rock, the place is charming with mismatched tables and chairs, an open kitchen, a bar, and even a room of private dining if you like. The menu changes often with always the Caesar, tuna tartar, sweetbreads to name a few. Entrees of fish, duck, chicken, pasta, steak, lamb and signature pork are always there but change presentation each menu change. And their burger amazes. Desserts change as well. Great wines, cocktails and beer and Tables Is a very special spot for Denver diners—and me.




2501 Dallas, STANLEY MARKETPLACE, Aurora

Annette’s for brunch. Terrific!!! Best egg salad on homemade English muffin and pork with egg and more. Both divine !! Yum.

Annette’s stands out in a mostly casual complex as the total star-and deserves the kudos. Caroline, owner after only a year is up for a James Beard award as well as recognition as the best from so many sources. They do dinner Tues-Sat and brunch on Sat and Sun. we were there for brunch and it is awesome.  There’s the quiche of the day, a fab grilled cheese Sammy, a breakfast sandwich , porridge, a veggie dish, pork hash and waffle. AND egg salad on toasted sourdough and a pork sandwich with raclette, added egg and curtido on rye that are worth the visit. Ask for the housemade English  muffin for the best egg salad and you are in heaven. There are biscuits, potatoes, and yummy deviled eggs to make things better. On my way for dinner again!!! it rocks.

2930 umatilla

There is nothing better than El Five. Take all from out of town and they are in awe of the place, food , drinks and Ky if you nab a place at the bar.
El Five is familiar to you but the fun of going there is the faces of new diners around you-specially at the bar-they were beyond thrilled—as were we. The décor amazes and when done commenting on this, drinks an wines are great-and then the food!! Some items sound a bit different but oh my, they are totally impressive. From beginning to end, it is a great experience. Staff is great describing dishes as well.


250 Steele

Mehak India’s Aroma opens in Cherry Creek. Beautiful decor and very good food make this a delicious choice in the area. Lovely people make it even nicer.

Enter this spot in the lower level of the complex (there is parking in the rear) and find a charming restaurant. The focal bar is lovely, lit beautifully with wines on display in an overhead cabinet. One wall features a design of a black-like screen over white lit trees while tables and booths are done in pale orchid with china of grey and yellow with red napkins. The effect is stunning. The family comes from London where chef worked for the last 15 years and brings his talent to Cherry Creek. The menu starts with many appetizers-chicken pakora, dumplings, cauliflower, mushrooms stuffed with lamb tempura style, onions as well, and marvelous chicken wings in a spicy sauce-worth the trip. The sautéed lamb is another must have with a great spice at the end. There are entrees, grilled specialties, paneers, vegetarian dishes, and many selections of chicken and lamb. Just pick your favorite Indian dish, and you will find it here. There are four varieties of naan to complement the food. Order from mild to “Indian hot-11!!!) We were told not to dare. Nice wines, drinks, and Indian beer make things even better. Typical Indian desserts end the meal. Servers are very friendly too. Mehak is open for lunch and dinner and a terrific new dining option in the area.

2011 E. 17th Avenue

Atelier rocks. Lunch is the best In town divine and affordable. Salmon sandwich and pollo penne. Want more!

Atelier has been written up by me—and many others-and continues to be the hidden gem in town for modern French cuisine. It is very small, very charming, and very wonderful. See the open kitchen, watch chef/owner Radek Cerny work his “charm” and talent as he creates the best food around. Lunch is as exciting as dinner with great menu, gorgeous presentation, and perfect taste-and prices too. Dinner is relaxing and marvelous as well.


3245 Osage
Family Jones is a big hit and great addition to Denver! the decor amazes and then the spirits are the best-rock and rye is my drink-and those with me–totally addictive-add fabulous food-the best cheese platter town, amazing cannelloni, and wow BBQ Asian sliders-and then end with a unique presentation of apple pie–what a treat-see you there. This is definitely not your ordinary bar—a place that is so comfortable with wonderful seating, as well as an upscale menu in choices, fabulous service, and a place to spend time—Family Jones has it all.


Another great lunch at Atelier. Omelets for all. Delicious and beautiful.
The rest is ditto from above!! We love it and busy today with happy people.





2335 E. 28th Ave

The Plimoth. Have not been for a while but I will be back often. It was amazing!! The house that sets the scene has been enlarged now with 2 rooms for dining. Enter to a great bar and open kitchen in the back. This room features community tables as well as smaller ones. The new addition is all tables with a view of the open kitchen in the rear as well. The scene is simple but very welcoming. The menu is short but exciting and interesting dishes make decisions difficult. Start with buckwheat crepes greens and grains, radicchio and shaved onto salad, chicken liver pate or pork rillette.   Cauliflower gratin is the best served in a small iron skillet with oyster mushrooms and crostini to spread the delicious combination for a perfect way to devour every bite. and then the brisket and the scallop puttanesca were beautiful to see and awesome!!  The scallop and mussels were atop a crispy polenta instead of the usual noodles and the polenta was not smooth but with a divine texture along with the goodies in the dish. The brisket in a deep dish was full of mushrooms and potatoes and vegetables. Both were totally unique and exciting with every bite. There is a lovely cocktail and wine list and great service adds to the experience. The Plimoth one special spot.

1420 Larimer

New menu at Bistro Vendome. So good. Onion soup, goat cheese salad, some, venison and chicken. And delicious apple tart too
Bistro Vendome is one of the most charming French places in Denver. The place is casual and charming, the patio divine. Service is always excellent and a lovely wine list makes dining better. Start with escargot, crepes, steak tartare and of course amazing French onion soup and awesome mussels. These can even be your entrée and get the fries that go with. There are several salads and then many entrees. Half chicken, a veggie cake, rabbit leg, and duck start the list. The venison in a sweet fruit sauce and the roulades of petrole sole are new items that are exciting. The signature trout has a new presentation with oyster mushrooms—so good. Desserts bring a grapefruit Bavarian and a divine apple tart with crème fraiche ice cream. Brunch is the best here too. You will have a wonderful time without the airfare to Paris!

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