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Colorado Cache: Chili Verde

Always Open by Sarah Terese :

A Page from Colorado Cache Cookbook – Recipe for Chili Verde (Green Chile)

(Junior League of Denver / multiple authors; copyright 1978)

colorado cache chili verde

I was recently in an intense discussion with a friend, arguing over what food is distinctively Colorado.   Recipes, restaurants – and possibly some minor insults – were flung back and forth, until we landed on a mutually delicious decision: green chile.

Ah, yes. This cup of steamy, spicy heaven is the staple of every Mexican restaurant on every corner in Colorado, in addition to being found in most brew pubs, steakhouses, and even farmer’s markets. It’s been served to visiting presidents and dignitaries, and is a “must have” when your family visits from out of state.

Considering the upcoming NFL Super Bowl on Sunday, I figured it was time to bring out the BEST green chile around: former Denver restaurant mainstay La Bola Mexican Restaurant’s recipe in the every-home-in-Colorado-better-have-one Colorado Cache Cookbook by the Junior League of Denver (1978)

.colorado cache chili verde

My Colorado Cache Cookbook has been a part of my collection for more than 20 years. First created in 1978, this book is still in print 38 years later. It’s a classic, with recipes ranging from (ahem) green chile to fresh-caught trout to cheesy herb bread to German chocolate butterfly cupcakes (whaaaat??). It has sections on elk steaks, lamb chops, venison meat loaf, and Red Rocks ham rolls (I know, I’m curious, too).

cover colorado cache

If you don’t have a copy, you can find it on Amazon or your local independent bookstore. Or – and my personal preference – visit any thrift or library store in your neighborhood and there is usually at least one copy. I like to open up to the title page and see if the copy is older than mine, and “trade up”. Then I get to pass my newer beloved copy onto the next visiting friend, pointing out the dog-eared pages of my favorites.

About the Author

Sarah Terese A vintage cookbook collector and rare & collectible children’s bookstore owner, Sarah’s love of dusty bookstores and estate sales has stoked a passion for all-things-old-are-new-again – including the recipes contained in each old Colorado Cache cookbook, and every worn Little Golden Book. Her small-town farming roots sparked a life-long love of baking and cooking – and the recipes that create those memorable experiences – which she shares through her blog, Always Open.

A fifth-generation northeastern Colorado native, Sarah spent 10 years of her childhood in Alaska before returning to the Colorful state after college. Her writing career began at age 14 as a columnist for a small-town newspaper, and continued to grow as she developed her talent as a journalist, public speaker, marketing professional, and business owner. She resides in Centennial, Colorado with her two boys.

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