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Pizzeria Lui


Pizzeria Lui


Pizzeria Lui Gabby GourmetNot in a popular neighborhood location for dining, Pizzeria Lui proves that if you are good enough, the crowds will come. And come they do to this small one room freestanding spot.

Big windows, a walk-up counter for ordering, and community seating for the lucky ones who nab a seat. Otherwise wait a bit for your turn-and everyone does, as it is so worth the short time it takes for that seat. Owner Zach and one other do it all.

There is a 900-degree wood burning oven that is the focal point, and the menu is short and sweet. The Caesar salad is excellent but when ordered is served from the refrigerator in a plastic box complete with cheese, dressing, and crispy croutons. “Cheesesticks” is an oval pie with mozzarella, smoked mozz, cheesy herb mix, and a side of sauce. Gooey with cheese melting all over, it’s a real treat.

The pies are one size – 14inches, and served slightly charred. The crust is thin but not soggy with the bubbly higher sides perfect to encase the fillings. Choose red pizzas that start with homemade red sauce and range from margherita, pepperoni, veggie, and shrrom to eggplant parm and the sopressata that arrives with the spicy salami, red onion, Kalamata olive, Mozz, arugula, and garlic combining for a zesty treat. Add spicy honey for more fun.

White pizzas are a favorite and selections are great. Go for the “lawn boy” where the crust is layered first with pesto, then artichoke, heirloom cherry tomato, fresh mozz, garlic, and arugula. Again, the dough is the perfect vessel to hold the goodness of the cheese and veggies. There are classic pizzas as well.

A short wine and beer list complement the food. Paper plates, plastic silver, paper towel napkins, and hot sauces are at the table. They deliver your pie when ready, and then it’s time to indulge in the best pizza in town. Pizzeria Lui is so worth the drive for a bit of heaven. One visit and you are hooked.

Pizzeria Lui
5380 W. Mississippi Ave.
Lakewood, 80226

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