Call Denver Gabby GourmetCall is part of what will be Beckon-Call, a new hit in RiNo. The Black house, Beckon will open later and be dinner only, but the charming white house next to it is Call, serving Tuesday-Saturday breakfast and lunch.

Bright, with a charming patio to enter (or enjoy outdoor dining) into the one room space. Bright and fun, the focal point is the display of delicious, tempting baked goods, some cold dishes, and the counter to order. Once done, an excellent staff delivers on real china and silver.

The menu is short and sweet. Yogurt, baked goods, and the star-aebelskivers!!! These have been a favorite from 20 years ago and scarcely seen since. The special pan used for a pancake like batter creates a fritter like shape with a browner outside and a soft divine creamy cooked batter as you bite in, and served with jam and creamy ricotta. You won’t be able to quit until all these heavenly goodies disappear.

There is an awesome pork with fried egg sandwich, a delightful chicken salad sandwich, chopped salad, beet salad, and a few more items to choose from. The breads and buns used are made on premise and deliver on the flavor described in each. Go bake to the counter display for dessert. Drinks are healthy, no soda, and wine is coming soon. At that time tapas will be added, and Call becomes a small bar in the evening. Today, only daytime, but a real treat and a spot to be in RiNo.

2845 Larimer
Denver, 80205

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