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Bamboo Sushi

Bamboo Sushi

Bamboo Sushi Gabby GourmetBamboo Sushi opens in LoHi and is a very special spot. Off the main street (17th) turn into an alleyway and find this beautiful restaurant. Enter to a huge bar with some small intimate tables in the area. Stay at the bar for a drink, or enjoy dining.

Move into the restaurant and take a seat at the sushi bar, or settle in one of the tables in the room. The lighting is gorgeous with high ceilings, large windows opening to a spectacular patio and view, creating a perfect background for excellent food.

Bamboo Sushi originated in Portland and decided Denver should be the next stop. Their food philosophy is sustainably caught, humanely raised, and naturally grown. The result is some extraordinary sushi and more.

Share vegetables of Shishito peppers, mushrooms, grilled roots, cauliflower, and vegetable tempura. The miso glazed Japanese eggplanthas some texture, not too soft but perfect to bite into, with ginger, honey, sesame seeds, negi, and rice crisps is beautifully presented. Bamboo Caesar is a treat with romaine and seabeans, fish sauce Caesar dressing, and herbed rice croutons, not the usual ingredients, crispy and tasty, the portion is big enough to share. Steamed buns, a Wagyu burger, and half chicken are options if you don’t want Japanese fare. Black cod and mackerel are fish entrees.

Some delicious sushi bar dishes are a perfect tuna poke, served atop a salad of cucumbers, avocado, onions, and spicy sesame dressing, a hoki poke box, and albacore carpaccio. The list of signature rolls is huge, along with divine nigiri and sashimi. The signature Sunset is crab, avocado and cucumber topped with spicy tuna, aioli, and tempura crunchies, or the Local of albacore, chilis, and cucumbers with east coast red crab mixed with spicy sesame aioli, and black tobiko are just two of so many. There is a huge list of wonderful sake, beer, and cocktails to complement the food.

Service is excellent, friendly, and caring that makes your visit even better. Bamboo Sushi is a total delight and one of the best sushi restaurants in Denver.

Bamboo Sushi
2715 17th St
Denver, 80211

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