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Where Gabby’s Been: January 22-26, 2018

Where Gabby’s Been:


FNG Restaurant Denver

Lots of tastes at FNG tonight Mobbed and fun. Young and lots of comfort choices. Charcuterie , gnocchi chowder, fish sandwich, meat balls and bolognese. Great service.

Troy Guard opens his latest, FNG in the Highlands and brings great fun to the neighborhood. The place looks great-the theme is Rock and Roll. There’s a huge bar as you enter, lots of tables and booths, a community table near the open kitchen and record covers on the walls, garage doors that open, and a very busy scene. Comfort food is the theme of the menu so starts with funky hummus. A very rich gnocchi chowder with clams, steak meatballs in parmesan cream, rabbit green chili, and a delicious roasted carrot and avocado salad. Charcuterie platters are special with house cured meats, focaccia, and goodies. Sliders are fun with a burger, bologna, grilled fish, fried chicken, and rotisserie lamb. Big plates range chicken salad, grilled meatloaf and chicken to lamb dip, a burger, enchiladas, and sandwiches. Hand made pasta is a treat with mac and cheese, carbonara, and Bolognese. End with decadent pies if you have room. There’s a nice wine list, cocktails, and beer to complement the food. Service is very efficient and friendly to add to the fun.  Loud music from the era and some great pinball machines are a super touch to the ambience. FNG is bringing in crowds to enjoy this very hip scene in a very popular hood.

3040 W 32nd Ave
Denver, 80212


Bird Restaurant Denver

Lea’s I town so yummy lunch at bird ( was Yardbird) only the name is shorter . food great.

Yardbird is now simply “bird” but the same fun, great food and such remains. It is the same menu too-so glad-serving breakfast every day. And we had the Cobb salad and my perfectly cooked eggs with divine house made jam too. Such a treat.

1529 S Pearl St
Denver, 80210


Tag Burger Restaruant

Burgers at Tag burger. Fries and salad too. The bar/eatery brings lots of burgers. Turkey, salmon, beef or bison-we went for bison. All the toppings are extra-we settled on guacamole and mushrooms-then we added the house salad with lots of candied fruit, some cheese, and nuts-nice for the price. The sweet potato fries were the other add-on dish. The burgers are 1/3 of a pound, thin, and served on a bun-or lettuce leaf. There are desserts, drinks, and wine as well. Service is friendly that adds to the scene.

1222 Madison St
Denver, 80206


Olive and Finch Denver

A nice surprise as Mary was at O and F today when we were there. They do an excellent job for great food-terrific looking savories and sweets to purchase and more. We had the ban mai sandwich and the farmer’s breakfast. Both were great.

1552 E 17th Ave
Denver, 80218


Atelier Restaurant

Atelier is one of the best in Denver. The food is totally awesome. Wines and service are perfect too. Does not get better!!

Atelier by Radex is fabulous. It’s small and beautiful, charming with copper accents, a focal open kitchen with a few bar seats, and seating thoughout the room with white tablecloths and the most extraordinary china ever. You definitely eat with your eyes here-with presentation before the tastes that are perfect. From foie gras and salads, to boulibasse, fish, lamb, beef, and more. You will not be disappointed. Even the dessert menu is outrageous. You can become a fan after one visit here-my friends are part of the fanclub!!

2011 E 17th Ave
Denver, 80206


Family Jones Denver

The Family Jones rocks!!! An awesome time with the most popular rye cocktail from terrific Amanda to the great food from Chef Tim. Their charcuterie if cheeses is the best and so was all else including dessert!!! Get there and also the Sunday night dinners.  This is a very special bar!! The food as important as the awesome cocktails. The most popular drink is the rock and rye-never had rye and if this is it, I’m in!! and the coffee liquor-wow!! And then the food—the cheese charculterie is to die for-better than the list I just so saw. There is a meat and cheese too. The sliders are awesome and chicken cannaloni amazes. So do the salads, agnolotti, and lamb stew—fish dishes too. And an ice cream sandwich like none other. Sunday nights is a 3 course dinner for $2. And if you say you heard it Gabby Gourmet, a free drink comes with it. By the way-the knockout décor is something to see on its own.

3245 Osage St
Denver, 80211


Fish n Beer Denver

Fish n Beer has a new chef and new menu. We had terrific oysters, and mussels and salmon. Noisy and fun. The menu is similar to the old one with more sandwiches, apps, and even chicken-in a sandwich. The place is small and fun, and very loud. The happy hour menu is great!!! Lots of choices and nice prices too. The new chef is delightful as well and always fun to chat with the chefs.

3510 Larimer
Denver, 80205


Brider Restaurant Denver

Great lunch with a favorite pal. The chicken pesto sandwich the best in town

So parking is a bitch-but so what!! Brider is so much fun and so good it Is worth it. You do place your order and then are served—the best soup, salads, sandwiches and today even ramen. Bright and one big room it is casual of course. The Grateful bread starts this best sandwich-chicken pesto-then chicken from their rotisseries-which is their signature, melted cheese, divine pesto and then grilled-OMG-and house-made chips that don’t stop till there is not a bite left. It’s just plain great.

1644 Platte St
Denver, 80202

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