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Where Gabby’s Been This Week

Where Gabby’s been this week:


Palizo January 2018

Palizo is perfect on these winter nights. Warm welcome, great staff and wonderful food. The place is a bit romantic, though one room and noisy, something special happens. We had the salad verte, the squash salad and a wonderful cheese platter—the homemade bread is awesome. Entrees were lasagna, risotto, and vongole. With homemade noodles too, these all were divine.


Little Ollie January 2018

Great time at Little Ollie’s.  Our veggie springrolls and pad Thai-we were too hungry and forgot pic!! We shared the veggie crispy spring rolls-yu-and each had pad Thai with chicken-one mild—not me-the other spicy-and so good-Colleen is a terrific waitress too.


Avelina January 2018

A marvelous gabby dinner!! Great food and wine.  Some highlights are hard to define as everything was wonderful—octopus and the pork were totally awesome-all else too. We started with a lobster agnolotti-perfect-then our choice of the squash or carrot salads-both winners!! The octopus or lamb meatballs were a toss up to order-but the best octopus ever. The lamb meatball people said theirs was. Entrees of excellent chicken or amazing pork were next. Finally lemon panna cotta or a smoked beet and yogurt-you have to taste it –pleased all.


Jack's Uptown Grille January 2018

Jack’s Uptown Grille has a new menu. We had terrific new dishes; green chili chicken stew, pimento cheese balls fried, spinach salad, the backyard sandwich and divine grilled salmon with artichoke risotto. Favs were the stew and salmon but all a big hit. Forgot yum apple crisp


We met for business at Annie’s and forgot to take pic-eggs benedict and poached eggs were perfect for each of us.


Ulteria January 2018

Ultreia is new-and amazing!  One of the highlights on the dining scene. Share and love—we started with pan with tomato jam and divine Mangalica ham, shishito peppers, and ham croquettes-all are wonderful-indulge in a side of potato chips and leg of lamb portugese style to die for too-the gin bar has super offerings-as well as wine, etc. what a treat!!!

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