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The Scoop: January 20, 2018

Here’s the Scoop from Saturday’s show on 630 KHOW, Listen to the entire show from January 20, 2018.. http://www.spreaker.com/show/gabby-gourmet  click for the podcast.

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We were remote at the great new Family Jones Distillery on Osage-around the corner from Root Down. My guests were. Rob Masters the distiller, Nick Touch the bar manager and Brian Borowski Operations manager. Justin Cucci, who is the owner and creator of Root Down, Linger, Ophelia, El Five, Vital Root, and Root Down DIA, and consultant at Family Jones was there too! Tim Dotson, chef at Family Jones talked about the food here.   Rob distiller-he makes all the spirits-there is no wine, beer, etc here-there are mixes but they also make their own bitters, vermouth and more. The food is very important here!! Not an afterthought and small plates for sharing amaze. The space is gorgeous-with a huge copper tank on the second level. We learned all about the distillery-and the great food-and a special treat for Gabby listeners. You can also tour the distillery-which we did-and it is also a treat. They do dinner every night except Monday- the special dinner on Sunday, and open at noon on Sat. for a bite and tours.

Every Sunday night

Family Jones Distillery

Every Sunday night-enjoy a three course dinner-varies from week to week and add a free drink if you say Gabby-or heard on Gabby Gourmet

A sample menu is—First course cheese and meat or veggie platter or beet and quinoa salad—second course-roasted sea bass, pork and

Beans, or gnocchi with trumpet mushrooms and more—their course-ice cream cookie or buttermilk pie—I did not give the amazing descriptions of these dishes.

Question of the day: How many gallons of whiskey did they produce in barrels in 2017—4, 770!!”


Monday, March 19, 2018
El Five
2930 Umatilla  5th Story

At long last we all get to indulge in the fabulous El Five! so anticipated, we will be wowed and have a fabulous dinner that includes tax, tip, and wine for $45. Seating is limited so reserve early.


Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Que Bueno Suerte!
1518 S. Pearl

Hope you’ll be our Valentine and celebrate a bit early at this terrific event at Que Bueno Suerte!! We loved the one before—and now it’s time for fun and wonderful food in great surroundings. Happy 2018-

The price is $50 inclusive of tax, tip, wine, and or beer. Reserve early


1st Course

Lentil soup – Mexican Cream, Cilantro (Vegetarian)

2nd Course

Roasted Potato Cake – Shrimp, Rajas, Guajillo Pepper Sauce (Can be made vegetarian)

3rd Course (Choice of One)

Beef Albondigas – Fideo Noodles, Poblano Cream Sauce

Pollo con Mole – Roasted Half Chicken, Spanish Rice, Oaxacan Dark Mole

Suerte! Skillet – Corn, black beans, Pico de Gallo, Calabacitas, Totopos, Cotija Cheese (Vegetarian)

4th Course

Dessert Empanada – Strawberry, Rhubarb, Dulce de Leche Ice Cream (Vegetarian)


The event was awesome, a huge success with marvelous food and wine and service. See more soon on the webpage—the sold out crowd was thrilled-Avelina rocks.

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