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Vintage Colorado Cookbooks

Always Open by Sarah Terese :

I grew up in the flat part of Colorado – the northeastern corner of a state that is mostly known throughout the world for its mountains. Our family farm sits in Yuma County, known for being one of the main hubs of agriculture (dryland wheat, corn, sugar beets in farming; cattle, horses, hogs and sheep in ranching) in the western U.S. We worked and played hard out there, had dirt under our fingernails at the end of each day, and knew that nothing caps a workday of sweat and tears like a warm, home-cooked meal. Those ideals have followed me into city life.

It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that when my mother passed away ten years ago, I inherited her collection of well-worn, spotted, sticky, tremendously loved cookbooks.   These tomes of culinary wisdom had sat on our farmhouse kitchen counter, nearly ALWAYS OPEN to a favorite page or recipe being prepared lovingly for those who would sit around our dinner table. Similarly, when my grandmother passed away a number of years later, I gathered a handful of her broken-in cookbooks to my collection. These books are some of my most cherished possessions.

This blog will focus on vintage Colorado cookbooks, their recipes, and whenever possible, those who penned them. My vast collection of old cookbooks – with stained and floured pages – handwritten notes in the margin and new measurements alongside the directions – grows every year due to my undying passion for yard sales, thrift shops and library clearance events. These books showcase a rich history toward a Colorado that is now changing at a rapid pace.

Come sit at the kitchen table with me and glance over at what is ALWAYS OPEN on the counter. And stay for dinner.

About the Author

Sarah Terese A vintage cookbook collector and rare & collectible children’s bookstore owner, Sarah’s love of dusty bookstores and estate sales has stoked a passion for all-things-old-are-new-again – including the recipes contained in each old Colorado Cache cookbook, and every worn Little Golden Book. Her small-town farming roots sparked a life-long love of baking and cooking – and the recipes that create those memorable experiences – which she shares through her blog, Always Open.

A fifth-generation northeastern Colorado native, Sarah spent 10 years of her childhood in Alaska before returning to the Colorful state after college. Her writing career began at age 14 as a columnist for a small-town newspaper, and continued to grow as she developed her talent as a journalist, public speaker, marketing professional, and business owner. She resides in Centennial, Colorado with her two boys.

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