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The Family Jones Spirit House

The Family Jones Spirit House

The Family Jones Spirit HouseThe latest endeavor of Justin Cucci (Edible Beats) and Paul Tamberello (Little Man Ice Cream) is beyond awesome. The space rises 2 stories but is open to the top. The exterior is exciting, and the interior is so stunning that one just must take time to take in the scene. A huge copper distillery barrel is center on the second level band the focal from any place in the restaurant. Brick, wood, a circular gorgeous bar, potted herbs on the walls, and booths and community tables occupy the small space. Seating for about 70 is the max.

Distillery is the theme and the vodka, gin, rye, bourbon, and rum are produced on the upper level. The cocktail offerings are the feature. Tea infused Collins, vesper martini, mango lassi, cherry gin sour, avo daiquiri (wow), Jones Park swizzle, amaretto sour, old fashioned, and rock and rye make for big decisions. One must taste a couple to find their favorite.

A short but equally exciting menu accompanies the drinks. Plates are designed for sharing. An incredible meat and cheese platter is a must. Miniature pumpkins from a local farm, scooped, baked, and filled with a three-cheese fondue are served with skewered mushrooms beets, squash, apple, buttered bourbon croutons and pepitas for dipping. The butternut tortellini are topped with a pecan crumble, feta, greens, and a marvelous carrot vin. Sea bream crudo, roasted bass, Colorado lamb stew, and pork and beans finish the choices. Presentations amaze and tastes are better. The only dessert is rum raisin ice cream with ginger snaps and candied walnuts from Little Man. The service keeps pace with all.

This concept is unique in Denver and a step above the competition in an exciting alternative to the usual drink and dining spots. The Family Jones Spirit House is Wow!!!

The Family Jones Distillery
3245 Osage St
Denver, 80211


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