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HashTag Denver
Photo Source: hashtag-restaurant.com

Troy Guard hits again with breakfast. In the growing area of Eat Ridge, #Hashtag is a delightful spot for that first meal of the day. The décor is as sunny as that egg with big windows, gray and yellow on the walls—that are covered with yellow muffin pans, baking dishes and more. The open kitchen is a treat to watch and booths are covered with prints of the same colors. The overall result is just what a breakfast spot should look like. It is welcoming and casual to make it better.

Start with coffee cake, doughnut holes, cinnamon rolls, and biscuits and gravy. There are sliders, nachos, and skillets, along with hash and sandwiches t delight. The egg is paired so many ways and accompaniments and sauces rock. Buenos Dias brings a giant burrito, huevos rancheros, enchiladas, and tacos. If you are a carb lover-and should be!  If not, go for hot cakes, French toast, and waffles. Add benedicts, omelets, and hash selections and you are in for a great start to the day. The bacon is delicious, and hash browns are signature. Add cocktails, Bloody Mary’s, coffee, beer, and wine and you are set. In the fall, carryout rotisserie chicken will be added for dinner at home.

#HashTag is a great choice to start the day and worth the drive if not your hood.

10155 E. 29th Ave.
Denver, 80238


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