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Bar Helix

Bar Helix DenverBar Helix opens in RiNo and brings a special experience to all. The space is awesome, contemporary, and stunning in design. The front section is a terrific looking bar that spans the room with a back wall of stunning stainless tile, bottles of liquor and wine, and great lighting. Past the open kitchen, find a sexy lounge with low couches, great looking black and glass tables and even a special nook for more privacy. This area is much quieter than the vibrant busy front section.

Divine owner Kendra Anderson charms all as she makes sure every guest enjoys their time. The cocktail list is fabulous: Negronis are the signature drinks but read “an interesting single man’”,” a bad bitch,” “a pain in the ass’” come and get it,” along with a list of beers and “on the wagon.” There are more but hard to choose which drink to choose.

The food is perfect for the theme of sensual bites of gourmet food again with a whimsical touch: oysters, caviar, devilish eggs, trailer taters, and naughty waffles with fried chicken start. A fancy cudite tray, delicious rangoons, and a hot sex on a platter dish of a house made blueberry pop-tart with foie gras parfait complement the alcohol and make a perfect night of dining. Kendra’s dream comes true with this yummy stop and a perfect place to gather. You will adore Anderson, her staff, and the time spent at Bar Helix.

Bar Helix
3440 Larimer St
Denver, CO

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