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Let’s do Something New!

Moving Your Way to Health by Jenny Bertrand :

Wow! My first official blog post. What perfect timing to coincide with the beginning of a new year when Gabby is unveiling her new web site.

Each time I’m faced with something I haven’t done before, I’m anxious and hesitant. I have to talk myself into it. So, as I’m writing this, I’m also talking myself into it. After all, I teach fitness classes, specifically Eccentrics classes, using music and movement to encourage people to nurture their bodies through exercise. Sitting in a quiet space writing about movement is something I haven’t done in a long time.

On the note of trying new things, is there anything new on your list to do 2018? Often this is the time of year where people talk about “losing a few pounds,” “getting fit,” or “fitting into a smaller clothing size.” These are all reasonable ideas, but they all suggest and end. “Once I reach my goal weight,” or “get fit” or “fit into my clothing size,” I’m done with this project….and that’s when progress is lost for many.

Our bodies need to be moved and taken care of every day. Muscles were created to move. They crave movement, and when they move, they help distribute oxygen through our bodies, they create energy to help us feel more energetic and less tight and stiff. With this in mind, maybe we can think of different goals to get moving: “I’m going to move for 20 minutes every day,” or “every 30 minutes I’m going to take a quick pause to stretch and give my muscles some of the movement they crave.”

You see, we are never “done” taking care of our own bodies. It’s kind of like brushing and flossing our teeth. Teeth have to be brushed and flossed every day. Our muscles (all approx. 650 of them) need to be moved (brushed and flossed) every day, several times a day.

Intentionally moving all 650 muscles seems like a big daily commitment, but you can learn to fit it in. I will be using this blog to give you some ideas of how to add more movement to your regular day.

One simple way to get moving (and you can wear your pajamas while you do it) is to tune in to Rocky Mountain PBS at 5:30 am, Monday-Friday (Denver market). Yep, that is early, but you can set your DVR if you don’t want to get up at that time. The movements in this program stretch and strengthen the muscles in every direction to help you “floss” them. For many, this is something new. It was when I first tried it about 15 years ago. I didn’t quite know what to think about it, but my body felt better than ever, so I kept it up and now 15 years later I’m teaching it to hundreds of people each month. Give it a try.

Don’t have PBS, or want to move right now? Try this mini-workout.

Next issue, I’ll write about more of the benefits of moving all the muscles and all the joints and offer some exercises to fit into your daily routine.

About the Author

jenny-bertrandJenny Bertrand is a Master Essentrics Instructor, teaching Essentrics since 2012. She found Classical Stretch powered by Essentrics on Rocky Mountain PBS in 2002 shortly after having her first child. Since Essentrics is a gentle, nurturing exercise program, she did not expect to find so many fitness benefits, but she fell in love with the exercise program when her aches and pains from old athletic injuries melted away, her baby belly flattened, and her posture improved. Ten years later, she introduced live Essentrics classes to the Denver area, and has led thousands of people in Essentrics classes. Jenny earned both her undergraduate degree and Masters in Business Administration from the University of Colorado. This Colorado native loves spending time with her husband and three children, helping people feel better in their own bodies and finding her way to a beach every now and then. You can find out more about Jenny’s Essentrics classes at www.jennybertrandfit.weebly.com and on Facebook at Facebook.com/EssentricsDenver.

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